NDT machines and plants for bar and tube inspection

NDT machines and plants for bar and tube inspection

Highly-specialized Italian manufacturers of bar surface defect detection machines for the highest quality standards

We design and manufacture extremely precise NDT machines for the detection, marking and separation of defective tubes, bars and profiles. The highest quality standards for control testing are guaranteed thanks to our close collaboration with some of the most renowned ultrasonic inspection equipment manufacturers. Infact, Phased Array and Eddy Current utlrasonic testing technologies are applied to all our NDT machines for tubes and bars inspection.

When needed, our bar surface defect detection machines can even perform the grinding of tubes and bars coming from rolling, peeling or drawing lines. This process guarantees the rapid and precise detection of internal and external cracks and the subsequent return of the bars to the main production line. Alternatively, the defective products are gathered up separately.

We develop all the mechanical parts of surface control testing machines so as to offer a high-quality refined product to specialized inspection equipment manufacturers.

Our NDT machines for bar and tube inspection are extremely robust and precise and they allow to fully automate tables and pinch-rolls placement parameters according to the section being processed. The plants can work indipendently or can be placed downstream of the production line.

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