Bar, tube and pipe bundling and finishing machines

We manufacture a complete range of pipe bundling and bundle strapping machines to be installed in-line with tube and bar processing plants

As Italian leading manufacturers of pipe bundling machines, we design a complete range of automated strapping and weighing plants for bars, tubes, rods and profiles. Whether you need to treat metal or non-metal products, our bundle formation machines can easily process rolled, peeled or drawn bars. Additionally, they can process both round-shaped and hexagonal-shaped tubes and pipes.

The increasing market requests for a more efficient production capacity have encouraged the verticalization and the complete automation of production processes. This is why we produce both standalone machines and machinery to be applied downstream of production lines. Infact, all our tube bundling machines and pipe processing plants are designed to be placed in-line with rolling and non-destructive control lines, drawing lines, peeling lines so as to reduce production time and labor.

Pipe bundling machines manufacturers italy

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